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What’s the Best Age to Start Social Security?

One of the most common questions for anyone planning for retirement is: “What’s the best age to start taking Social Security benefits?” Read how the program works, how it’s changed, and what to consider.

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Keeping the Holidays Happy During COVID-19

The holidays are here as we struggle to find a balance between safe and sane during COVID-19, all while our children are watching. Here is some great tips from pediatricians on how to keep calm and carry-on.

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Elder Care Planning

Can I Afford Elder Care?

As a Certified Financial Planner™ specializing in elder care I am asked this question daily. Unfortunately, all too often the family’s immediate reaction is that

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Powwow discusses genetics testing.
General Planning

Is Genetic Testing a Good Idea?

During the recent holiday season I was peppered with advertising promoting the idea of gifting DNA and ancestry kits. I’ll admit it, I’m terrible at

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