Elder Care Financial Planning

Welcome! Did you find us because you’re…

  • Feeling financially insecure about spending thousands a month on elder care?
  • Overwhelmed with information coming from seminars, care providers and salesmen?
  • Experiencing family conflict and frustration over how best to move forward?

You're Looking to Achieve

Healthier Relationships

Role reversals between parent and child are difficult. Often we’re on the same page but speaking different languages. Utilize our elder care financial planning to help, guide, and translate conversation so everyone is heard.

Less Stress

When life gets complicated we tend to carry too much. Learn what to keep and what to delegate. Time is your family’s greatest asset, spend it wisely.

Confidence in Your Decision

Confidence comes from understanding your options and their expected outcomes. Elder care financial planning helps to weave together relevant and factual information alongside reasonable assumptions so you can make a better decision. Cut through the noise and get answers that matter to you.

Awesome! Let’s Powwow for Elder Care Financial Planning.

Flexible Virtual Portal

  • Collaborative environment so you don’t need to leave home or work for meetings

  • Find out how much aging-in-place is really costing you with our spending tool

  • Safely store and share your most important documents in the vault

  • Additional log-ins available for family and trusted professionals

Elder care financial planning flow chart

The Elder Care Planning Process

Step 1: Onboard. Review paperwork, pay invoice, and create your new eMoney portal. Start now!

Step 2: Schedule your first Powwow with our convenient virtual calendar.

First Powwow: Determine available care options

We will discuss the different levels of care to help you decide how best to move forward for yourself or loved one. Care options are determined by eligibility, which are directly tied to finances and health. This conversation is also an opportunity to discuss the emotional side of transition. Our elder care financial planning provides guidance and perspective to make conversation within the family more productive and less contentious.


Second Powwow: Visualize affordability and strategy 

“What if…” is a phrase we hear a lot. If you’re deciding between various communities or styles of care, this is your opportunity to see the affordability of each path. Our elder care financial planning performs this analysis we can begin determining strategic spend down from available accounts and policies. We’ll also determine the feasibility and timeline for strategic estate planning, immediate annuities, PACE program, Veteran’s Aid and Attendance, and local community programs.

Third Powwow: Plan delivery

Your plan is complete and we have addressed family dynamics, delegating responsibilities, and a financial plan that illustrates your chosen care path with a list of recommendations. After plan delivery you’ll have access to eMoney for the remainder of the year. If you would like to retain ongoing advisor access please ask about our membership program.


Transition Triggers by Powwow, LLC

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