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Taking control of your finances means so much more than managing investments and creating portfolios. In fact, investments are simply the tool to accomplish your plans and create a legacy. Doesn’t it make sense to start the process by defining and prioritizing what’s most important in your life? Knowing where you’re headed and understanding how to get there empowers you to make better decisions and be confident in your direction, which is a pretty great feeling.

Whether it’s having us confirm and critique a path you’ve started or needing guidance on a completely new venture, POWWOW is here to help. When it’s time to implement plan recommendations Quentara is happy to guide and participate in the process to make sure your best interests are being met.

What to expect as a client?

About Quentara Costa

In a nutshell

With 15+ years of experience, I have worked with clients of all varieties. From those in debt to founders of public corporations. Occupational observation: no single approach works for everyone! My mission is to answer your questions in a way that makes you feel confident to push past self-doubt. Whether our meetings require getting into the details of a cash flow report, looking at colorful before and after charts, or simply brainstorming ideas – I have you covered. 

Apart from office work, I enjoy working within the community to provide financial literacy and guidance. In 2016 I created the Facebook group “Merrimack Valley Seniors and Caregivers.” This is a dedicated forum for local families and professionals to problem-solve, share resources, and learn about upcoming events. Please join if you feel you can benefit by receiving support and connecting with others. Over the last few years, I’ve also been invited to create presentations and speak on a wide range of topics, including financial planning fundamentals, women in the workplace, and elder care planning. Looking forward, I’ll serve my third year on the North Andover Council on Aging, which will play a large part in the development of the town’s new senior center!

On evenings and weekends I am likely listening to an audiobook, taking my family for a walk, and sampling take-out cuisine from a favorite restaurant. Despite almost always being home, I do my best to recharge my batteries in Upstate NY, Disney, or beyond (most recently Spain & Portugal!)

For more information on my education and career path, connect with me on LinkedIn

Pricing & Availability

Upfront Plans starting at $3,300

POWWOW understands that the makeup of a financial plan is different for each client. At your first complimentary meeting, Quentara listens to your story and will figure out the best approach to address your needs. We work with clients on an hourly basis. Depending on your situation, our services can be packaged as a project, membership or per-hour quote. 

The creation of an upfront plan includes access to our virtual portal, data gathering, research, check-ins, and analysis, ending with a presentation of findings. Upfront plans have 10-hour minimum starting at $3,300. 

Membership plans start at $220/month

In addition to upfront plans, POWWOW strongly recommends utilizing our membership service to keep us in continuous communication and to expand upon the initial plan, if necessary. As you can imagine, it’s not uncommon for clients to have new questions and concerns throughout the year. Having an advisor on call allows clients to make better decisions on how to move forward in a timely manner rather than waiting for an annual review. 

Benefits of Membership
        • Motivation and accountability in completing plan recommendations
        • Ongoing spending reviews to help you stick to a budget
        • An advocate for meetings, tours, and conference calls
        • Plan updates and adjustments as life changes
        • A resource for ad-hoc projects and requests
        • A facilitator for family discussion
        • Preferred hourly rate
Do one of our packages meet your needs?


Wondering how to get on track? Thinking of buying a house or a career move? Receive recommendations on your most pressing goals. 

Couples & Families

Do you have competing priorities making you feel overwhelmed? We’ll illustrate your various goals and “what-ifs” so you know how to best move forward. 


Do you have concerns about an aging parent? Are they resistant to receiving help due to the cost? We’ll run an affordability analysis and much more.