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Ready to build your financial plan?

Pricing & Availability

Upfront Plans starting at $3,300

POWWOW understands that the makeup of a financial plan is different for each client. At your first complimentary meeting, Quentara listens to your story and will figure out the best approach to address your needs. We work with clients on an hourly basis. Depending on your situation, our services can be quoted as a project estimate, ongoing membership, or per-hour. 

The creation of an upfront plan includes access to our virtual portal, data gathering, research, check-ins, and analysis, ending with a presentation of findings. Upfront plans have 10-hour minimum starting at $3,300. 

Membership plans start at $220/month

In addition to upfront plans, POWWOW strongly recommends utilizing our membership service to keep us in continuous communication and to expand upon the initial plan, if necessary. As you can imagine, it’s not uncommon for clients to have new questions and concerns throughout the year. Having an advisor on call allows clients to make better decisions on how to move forward in a timely manner rather than waiting for an annual review. 

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Benefits of Membership
        • Motivation and accountability in completing plan recommendations
        • Ongoing spending reviews to help you stick to a budget
        • An advocate for meetings, tours, and conference calls
        • Plan updates and adjustments as life changes
        • A resource for ad-hoc projects and requests
        • A facilitator for family discussion
        • Preferred hourly rate

Investment Management

To meet the needs of select clients, POWWOW has aligned with GeoWealth to help implement recommendations resulting from the financial plan. This service especially suits ongoing membership clients building their first $1M. These clients are not meeting the minimums of traditional wealth management shops, so are faced with a choice of being a DIYer or buying into financial products, like annuities. 

If you are a recovering DIYer, or simply want more hands-on help with your accounts, then this may be a great option. 

  • Accounts are custodied at Charles Schwab.
  • Portfolios utilize low-cost ETF index funds.
  • Satellite positions are available for those interested in actively managed funds.
  • Various allocations offered to compliment your risk tolerance.
  • Tax-sensitive portfolios available for non-retirement accounts.
  • Automatic rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting. 
  • Portfolio options built around various investment philosophies, such as socially responsible investing, Dimensional Funds, or multi-factor.

Households investing under $250k are billed 1.0%/year. Households over $250k are billed 0.75%/year.