Hourly Financial Planning Services

Do you need hourly financial planning services because you're...

  • Unsure what financial strategies apply to you and if you’ve considered everything before making a big decision?  
  • Experiencing decision paralysis over all the “what-ifs” related to your financial goals?
  • Feeling sandwiched from responsibilities related to kids, self and/or aging parents and want someone in your corner?

You're Looking to Achieve


When life gets complicated we tend to freeze. Making no decisions appears better than making the wrong one, right? Maybe… but more likely you’re losing valuable time on achieving your goals. Let’s work together to agree on strategic action items so you can start moving forward using hourly financial planning services.

Peace of Mind

Confidence comes from understanding your options and their expected outcomes. We weave together relevant and factual information alongside reasonable assumptions so you can make a better decision. Cut through the noise and get hourly financial planning services.

Awesome! Let’s Powwow.

Flexible Virtual Portal

  • Collaborative environment so you don’t need to leave home or work for meetings

  • Track spending and create a budget, adjust as needed

  • Safely store and share your most important documents in the vault

  • Easily manage action items and view progress toward goals

The Process

Step 1: Onboard. Review paperwork, pay invoice, and create your new eMoney portal. Start now!

Step 2: Schedule your first Powwow with our convenient virtual calendar.

Step 3: Start your financial journey through collaboration on our eMoney portal and a series of financial powwows where we’ll identify relevant financial strategy and address your what-ifs. Here is generally how the process goes:

First Powwow: What are your goals? What are your resources?

In our hourly financial planning services, we will discuss your many responsibilities and how best to prioritize them. Examples include:
  • Cash reserve, retirement planning, and elder care goals
  • Lifestyle “what-ifs” (home renovation, travel, career)
  • Goals related to financially supporting children
  • Goals related to financially supporting parents

This conversation is also an opportunity to discuss the emotional side of finances. We are happy to provide guidance and perspective to make conversation more productive and less contentious. In addition to goals, we will begin a review of provided information related to:

  • Spending
  • Investment account types, risk tolerance, and allocation
  • Estate plans and beneficiary designations
  • Tax strategy 
  • Employee or independent insurance policies (LTC, life, disability)
  • Asset protection (home, auto, and liability)

Second Powwow: Visualize options

“What if…” is a phrase we hear a lot. This is your opportunity to see the affordability and projected outcomes of various paths. Maybe you’re debating a career change or relocation to accommodate an aging parent. Perhaps you’re wondering how sending your teenager to private high school impacts your retirement plans. Our hourly financial planning services will simply provide you a second unbiased opinion on your overall finances.

Third Powwow: Plan delivery

Your plan is complete and we have created a financial plan that illustrates your chosen path with a list of recommendations. After plan delivery, you’ll have access to eMoney for the remainder of the year. If you would like to retain ongoing advisor access in our hourly financial planning services, please ask about our membership program.


Hourly Financial Planning Services