Investment Management

Investment Management to compliment your Financial Planning Goals

To meet the needs of select clients, POWWOW has aligned with GeoWealth to help implement recommendations resulting from the financial plan. This service especially suits ongoing membership clients building their first $1M. These clients are not meeting the minimums of traditional wealth management shops, so are faced with a choice of being a DIYer or buying into financial products, like annuities.

If you are a recovering DIYer, or simply want more hands-on help with your accounts, then this may be a great option.

  • Accounts are custodied at Charles Schwab.
  • Portfolios utilize low-cost ETF index funds.
  • Satellite positions are available for those interested in actively managed funds.
  • Various allocations offered to compliment your risk tolerance.
  • Tax-sensitive portfolios available for non-retirement accounts.
  • Automatic rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting.
  • Portfolio options built around various investment philosophies, such as socially responsible investing, Dimensional Funds, or multi-factor.

Why Choose POWWOW for Investment Management?

Investment Management Services North Andover

Once your financial plan is complete, you may need help with implementing recommendations related to investment and account management. While many of our clients are DIYers, some find reassurance in knowing an advisor is handling the day-to-day of investment management. This delegation of responsibility, whether it be for yourself or a loved one, leaves more time to focus on career, family, or just plain fun! There are many options when choosing an investment manager, here are three reasons to go POWWOW:

  • Simple, yet Effective, Investment Strategies: Our investment strategies are tailored to your financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizons – yet don’t overcomplicate your finances This ensures that investment recommendations can be easily understood, compared, and adjusted when needed. 
  • Monitoring, management, and reporting all in one place: At POWWOW, you have transparent monitoring access to your investments through Schwab and our eMoney planning portal. GeoWealth provides the expertise to navigate market complexities so you can enjoy peace of mind.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Working with POWWOW means you come first! By first starting with a plan, we have insight for how to help with your investments, and will continue to meet to make adjustments as needed.


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