The DOL fiduciary ruling set to launch in April requiring that advisors act in a consumer’s best interest has been tentatively delayed until June 9, 2017. In the event it continues to be delayed or never comes to light, consumers still have the option to use advisors that already hold themselves to higher standards than what’s required by law.

Have a conversation with your advisor on whether they hold themselves beyond the current “suitability” standards. Harold Pollack, author of The Index Card, says to make sure you’re not unknowingly in a sales relationship by simply being candid with your advisor. Your relationship may not be serving your best interest PLUS costing you more in indirect fees than realized.

If you’d like to learn more about what it means to work with a fiduciary, link to “What’s a Fi-doo-shee-er-ee.” For more information on the DOL ruling, please take a moment to read Time’s recent article:

Trump Wants to Kill the Fiduciary Rule. Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal for Retirement Savers