I’m thrilled to share an article highlighting the reasons for my commitment to help seniors and their family.

“As a caregiver for her ailing father, Quentara Costa spent six years immersed in eldercare issues. Today, she applies those lessons to build her financial advisory practice.

Costa, a certified financial planner in North Andover, Mass., has carved out a niche working with seniors and their families. She’s developed expertise in helping individuals tackle eldercare challenges, especially as they weigh a move into an assisted living facility.

Costa, 31, focuses on an underserved market. She has not come across other advisors who specialize in helping seniors and their families evaluate various types of assisted living communities and analyzing the long-term affordability of making the move.”

fab-niche-120116-adobe_ibd“Ideally, the most overlooked niches consist of a stable or growing cache of potential clients. If you are the first advisor to penetrate that group, you can gain a head start by establishing your credibility within that market.

In the course of helping her father, Costa became well versed in assisting living options. She learned what constitutes skilled nursing care and what questions to ask when assessing a facility.

‘There are many seniors who are considering the move into some type of assisted living facility,’ Costa said. ‘And such a move can involve lots of moving pieces such as getting all the family members on board.’

Costa, who markets exclusively to seniors and their families, tours facilities in her area and builds relationships with administrators who run these operations. They in turn refer seniors to her who already reside in the facility and seek an advisor to help address their financial concerns.

‘I don’t do investment management, so I have to show my value as a planner,’ she said. ‘And this is a booming market. I can help seniors choose a facility — or figure out how long their money will last so they can stay there.'”

This piece was written by Morey Stettner. Find the full article at Investors Business Daily: Savvy Advisors Identify Rich Niches That Lurk Under The Radar