Who We Help

Our passion is helping family caregivers, who are often apart of the “Sandwich Generation.”  This generation has multiple priorities well beyond their own needs. Even if money is on the table, time and confidence is often lacking. If you’re overwhelmed or have decision paralysis  – you’ve come to the right place.

Why We're Different

We are breaking ground for those unable or unwilling to trade their entire nest egg for advice. As a fee-only fiduciary we focus on your goals and make un-biased recommendations on how to improve and move forward. To provide transparency we work strictly on a project, hourly, or membership basis which also allows us to be flexible given your needs and budget. This means that you will not have to open an account! And we do NOT invest, sell insurance, receive commission or referral fees.

How We Deliver

Because the demands of caregiving and family are unpredictable, we do not require office visits. Powwow offers a virtual planning portal that allows you to make progress at your convenience. During our conversations we’ll utilize interactive tools that illustrate your current financials, goals and “what-ifs.” Find out how easy planning can be with our free goal assessment.

  • Connect Financials
  • Share Documents
  • Generate Reports
  • Categorize Spending
  • Create Budgets
  • Organize Information
  • Watch Video Workshops
  • Review Recommendations
  • Add Multi-User Access
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We’re so glad you found us!

Whether it’s understanding how to create a budget, save for retirement, or afford assisted living… we’re here to help you make confident decisions.

Not having a plan is planning for a crisis.”

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My Story

Quentara Costa and Quentin JohnsonFor years I was my father’s primary caregiver, who was diagnosed with Alzheimers at age 70 and living half way across the country. Despite my background in wealth management, managing his affairs and diagnosis was trial by fire. If that wasn’t enough, my own life was on fast forward. I sat for the CFP® exam, switched jobs, bought a house, got married, and started a family. Just when the dust seemed to settle my father passed away. If this sounds like your reality, let’s powwow.

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