Creating Financial Plans Through Conversation

More than a Financial Advisor

At the heart of Powwow LLC’s approach is you. Your financial journey is unique, and we understand that. Here, you’re not just another portfolio; you’re a valued individual with distinct dreams and challenges. By choosing us, you’re opting for a financial planning experience that places you and your aspirations at the forefront. We’re committed to listening to your story, understanding your goals, and crafting a financial path that reflects your vision. 

Who We Help

Our passion is helping the “Sandwich Generation.”  This generation has trouble attaining personal goals while also supporting kids and aging parents. Even if money is on the table, time and confidence is often lacking. If you’re overwhelmed about how to move forward for yourself or parents  – you’ve come to the right place.

Why We're Different

Powwow is a fee-only fiduciary focused on your goals. Powwow bills hourly for project and membership engagements.  Investment management is also an option, but NOT a requirement. We don’t earn from commissions or referrals. Start your financial plan with a CFP® today!

How We Deliver

Powwow offers in-person and virtual meetings to accommodate your style, schedule, and location. During our conversations, we’ll utilize interactive tools that illustrate your current financials, goals and “what-ifs.” Find out how easy planning can be with our free goal assessment.

Our portal keeps you on top of your finances!

Choose from one of our Services

Hourly Financial Planning

Receive strategic action items so you can move forward with your short and long-term goals.

Investment Management

Powwow offers asset management to meet your goals and match your preferences.

Elder Care

Get help navigating the financial implications of elder care for yourself or a loved one.​

We’re so glad you found us!

Whether it’s understanding how to create a budget, save for retirement, or afford assisted living… we’re here to help you make confident decisions.

Not having a plan is planning for a crisis.”
Quentara Costa

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My Story...

For years I was my father’s primary caregiver, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 70 and living half way across the country. Despite my background in wealth management, managing his affairs and diagnosis was trial by fire. If that wasn’t enough, my own life was on fast forward. I sat for the CFP® exam, switched jobs, bought a house, got married, and started a family. Just when the dust seemed to settle my father passed away. If this sounds like your reality, let’s powwow.

Read more about what I’m doing now here and on LinkedIn.

Quentara Costa