“Growing businesses are highly motivated to attract and retain newer team members who are driving the day-to-day business. While these employees may not have accumulated significant wealth, they still have concerns around their personal finances. Smart companies can work with their financial counseling providers to come up with innovative programs that help the rest of the staff feel supported and educated as they accumulate wealth.”
-Worth Magazine, June 1, 2016

Lack of financial literacy and planning options in benefit packages has come under much scrutiny from not only the DOL, but mainstream media. Your employees are listening, and are now wondering who to consult when making decisions on payroll, insurance, legal and retirement benefits. Let them know that resources beyond your HR Department are now available to help improve their financial well-being.

POWWOW, LLC has recently launched in North Andover, MA and offers a number of services that could greatly benefit your employees and their families. Employees are able to work with an unbiased advisor that keeps their best interests at heart by providing fee-for-service planning. This means that I do not sell investment product or insurance, custody accounts, or receive commission of any kind.

A client receives recommendations, financial education, and advocacy by paying an agreed upon flat and/or ongoing membership fee that’s unrelated to their account values. I am not in competition with 401(k) or insurance providers; instead, I thoroughly explain benefit offerings to employees allowing them to make better choices for workplace benefits and beyond.

I take the time to get to know your employees and work with them on creating custom plans to support their goals. An employee looking for a comprehensive plan would walk away with a list of action items for them to complete on their own or with POWWOW’s continued help. My comprehensive service has us reviewing the following areas of interest:

POWWOW can also offer your employees an amazing online portal for them to aggregate their financial picture in one convenient place. For instance, your employee would be shown their net worth, holdings, and recent transactions in an instant by linking various assets (checking, savings, 401(k), home, autos, art) and debt (mortgage, credit cards, loans). They can also securely upload and share important documents. People especially enjoy taking their finances into their own hands by categorizing expenses and creating a budget to help them become more educated on their spending habits.

If you believe your employees could benefit, please connect with me to schedule a presentation, advertise us on your employee benefits page, or link them to my website at www.PowwowLLC.com where they can reach me directly. I appreciate your consideration and support.