When opportunity knocks, do you answer the door, or complain about the noise?

Take some time this week to consider ALL your options, not just the 2-3 in front of you. Ask family, friends, and trusted colleagues for honest feedbackregarding your current situation to get a fresh perspective. If nothing else, it may further confirm a choice you’ve been leaning toward.

Beyond discussion, think of the logistics of the decision and the big picture. How does this change affect your routine and standard of living tomorrow? How does this change affect you over the next 5 years? Where does it ultimately take you that your current situation can’t?

Potentially you’ll find that despite an immediate benefit you may be making a lateral or unrealistic move. If you’re looking to raise your overall quality of life, you may have to start thinking outside the box and beyond the options you’ve been considering.

Not too long ago I was presented with 2 job offers that almost seemed too good to be true. The pay was tremendous and the reputation of the companies would always be an honor to have on my resume. At that time it seemed like I only had 2 choices, stay with my current company or take a chance with one of these new ventures.

After careful consideration, I turned down both offers and resigned from my then-current role. These opportunities were valuable because they served as my catalyst and empowered me as a professional. This “noise” pushed me to consider change and achieving more, something that I had put on hold in exchange for comfort and convenience. Once the seed was planted I was able to assess my current situation, articulate my strengths and weaknesses, and define my overall goals. Once completed I realized that nothing in front of me was the right fit. Was that scary? Yes! Has it been rewarding to create a new path entirely? Absolutely.