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Schedule your free consultation with POWWOW, LLC using the virtual calendar. The stage is yours to unpack any financial concerns that have been swirling in your head. Maybe you simply want to know if you’re “on-track.” Maybe you have a big decision to make about career, kids, retirement or elder care. Powwow was created to help answer your… “what-ifs.” 

Here’s how it works:

  • No prep required. But it’s a good idea to read my most frequently asked questions below. 
  • We meet to talk about your current financial situation and goals. 
  • I listen to your questions, concerns, and expected outcome.
  • We agree on the best path forward.


I hope so. We’re all those buzz words you keep hearing about. FiduciaryFee-OnlyCertified Financial Planner. At Powwow there is no requirement to open an account and we do not sell financial product. We do not accept commission for any referrals. As such, we are only paid by you to ensure recommendations are made in your best interest. 

  • Projects start at 10-hrs billed $330/hr. Projects generally take 10-15/hrs. Projects are billed 5-hrs upfront and the remainder at completion or in 5 hour increments (depending on the pace of the project.)
  • Ongoing memberships offer 8-hrs during a 12-month period at $330/hr. Memberships are billed monthly ($220/mo). 
  • Work unrelated to a project or membership is $380/hr. 

Yes, although not required! Powwow has partnered with GeoWealth to offer investment options on the Schwab platform to our membership clients. Households investing $250k or less are billed 1.0%/year. $250k+ 0.75%. We will discuss your risk tolerance and investing preferences to determine the best allocation. 

You’ll receive an email summarizing our discussion. In that email there will be a link to a google form where I request your basic information (address, date of birth, etc.) From there you’ll receive a financial planning agreement, ADV Brochure, Privacy Policy, and Disclosure form. If you’re a project or membership client, you’ll also receive your first invoice and link to the eMoney Planning Portal.