Financial Planning

Cash Flow

Income - Savings - Taxes
= Your Budget


Cash flow financial planning at Powwow, LLC provides a comprehensive understanding of how your income streams flow in and out of your accounts annually. 

By mapping out last year’s income, savings, and taxes, we can plainly see what was left on the table for spending. We can then further break down certain obvious fixed expenses and goals to back into “everything else” spending. If the level of spending turns out to be a problem for the plan’s overall success, we can take the next steps to draft and maintain a budget. But for many, the process alone is eye-opening in terms of understanding what it costs to be comfortable in your current lifestyle. For Powwow, cash flow financial planning allows us to more accurately make assumptions about future spending to ensure a comfortable retirement.

Effective cash flow financial planning facilitates informed decision-making


Understanding your spending helps dictate an appropriate cash reserve and where best to keep it.


Charting out goals and spending changes helps you anticipate years to proactively make adjustments to savings, tax strategy, and debt.


Understanding how your income and assets cover expenses, short or long-term, can ensure a thoughtful diversification of resources.


Identification of potential savings or investment opportunities, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and sustainable financial future

Our Services

Hourly Financial Planning

Receive strategic action items so you can move forward with your short and long-term goals.

Investment Management

Powwow offers asset management to meet your goals and match your preferences.

Elder Care

Get help navigating the financial implications of elder care for yourself or a loved one.​

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