Welcome! Did you find us because you…

  1. Keep finding insurance or investment advisors when all you want is DIY planning guidance?  
  2. Experience decision paralysis over all the “what-ifs” related to your goals?
  3. Are afraid of making a mistake on milestone financial decisions?

You want to feel…


Whether you’re constantly over-extended or sitting on cash, it’s critically important to be deliberate with your cash flow. Capitalize on existing resources and opportunities by prioritizing what’s important. 


When life gets complicated we tend to freeze. Making no decisions appears better than making the wrong one, right? Maybe… but more likely you’re losing valuable time on achieving your goals. Let’s work together to start making choices so you can start moving forward.


Confidence comes from understanding your options and their expected outcomes. We weave together relevant and factual information alongside reasonable assumptions so you can make a better decision. Cut through the noise and get answers that matter to you.

Awesome! Let’s Powwow.

Flexible Virtual Portal

  • Collaborative environment so you don’t need to leave home or work for meetings
  • Track spending and create a budget, adjust as needed
  • Safely store and share your most important documents in the vault
  • Easily manage action items and view progress toward goals
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Step 1: Onboard. Review paperwork, pay invoice, and create your new eMoney portal. Start now!

Step 2: Schedule your first Powwow with our convenient virtual calendar.

First Powwow: Determine cash flow and goals

You will be given access to our planning portal where we can begin the planning process. From here you can…
  • View expenses, create a budget, and establish a reasonable spending level.
  • Set a cash reserve as your first priority.
  • Identify your main goal, which is often times retirement.

Second Powwow: Visualize options

“What if…” is a phrase we hear a lot. This is your opportunity to see the affordability and projected outcomes of various paths against your main goal. Maybe you’d like to see the financial implications of buying vs renting or wonder if you should start saving to a Roth 401(k). We’ll address your questions as well make our own recommendations.

Third Powwow: Plan delivery

Your plan is complete and we have illustrated your goal alongside a list of recommendations. After plan delivery you’ll have access to eMoney for the remainder of the year. If you would like to retain ongoing advisor access to dive into more comprehensive topics please ask about our membership program. Membership is a great way to keep your plan updated and to discuss financial choices related to employee benefits, estate plans, moving, starting a family, and more.

Price: $1,500

Happy as a DIY investor or can’t transfer your wealth? No problem. We create our plans for a flat fee and never accept commissions or referral fees.


How long does a plan take to complete?

Plans are completed at the client’s pace, which is driven by their availability to provide information and complete powwows.

If we need to update estate plans, do you draft documents?

Quentara Costa is a fee-only Certified Financial Planner™. We do not draft estate planning documents, prepare taxes, sell annuities or insurance, manage investments, or work for community elder service programs. Powwow, LLC is not a health care professional or care provider. If deemed beneficial to pursue advanced strategies, care, or benefits, additional professionals can be hired at the client’s discretion.  If local, Quentara can provide recommendations for independent health assessments, attorneys, CPAs, Medicare enrollment, real estate agents specializing in senior downsizing, move managers, handymen, and retirement community locators. National recommendations will be made when possible and with insight from affiliated elder care and financial networks. Quentara does not receive any referral fees or commissions if making a recommendation to a trusted professional.

I'm not comfortable with the computer. How else can we provide you with our information or conduct meetings?

If local, within 25 minutes of 01845, Quentara will help complete on-boarding for an additional $600 fee. This includes 3 in-person meetings. One to complete paperwork and collect necessary statements and documents. The second during the drafting process (powwows 2). The third for the presentation of findings (powwow 3).

About Powwow, LLC

Quentara Costa helps the sandwich generation prioritize kids, self, and aging parents. For years Quentara was the primary caregiver for her father who was diagnosed with Alzheimers at the age of 70. Since his passing she’s become a mother of two sweet girls. Professionally she received a master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning from Bentley University and has held the CFP® designation since 2010. Community involvement includes hosting the Merrimack Valley Senior and Caregiver Group and volunteering for Budget Buddies.

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